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Ner Avraham is a place where everyone feels welcome and its focus is on davening, learning and growing together in a warm and caring Kehilla.


Our shul attracts long-standing residents of Yerushalayim as well as new olim and visitors from overseas.

Through constant nurturing and commitment on behalf of both Rabbi Silberstein and Rabbi Wolff, the Kollel has grown tremendously over the last 9 years. The shul welcomes new faces every Shabbos and looks forward to expanding to accommodate the growing number of people that pass through Ner Avraham’s doors every week.

Your support allows adults, families, retirees and vacationers to find a home at Ner Avraham and connect and grow through Torah all year round.

With grateful thanks.

Contributions here via Donorbox should only be made in Dollars and NOT Shekels.

US tax deductible receipts (501C3) will be automatically generated by Donorbox.

We are also able to issue US tax deductible receipts for Zelle contributions:

Please see below if you wish to pay in Shekels.


Kiddush   Shalos Seudas   Coffee Corner

      Cost of Kiddush is ₪350

      Cost of Shalos Seudas is ₪350

      Cost of the Coffee Corner is ₪ 200 p/w.


If you would like to sponsor a kiddush, shalos seudas or the Coffee Corner in memory or in honour of someone (eg Yahrzeit, Anniversary, Birthday, birth of a grandchild/great-grandchild etc), please complete the form HERE, or call or message the office on 0586049524.


To pay in Shekels see payment methods below.

To pay in Dollars, please pay via Donorbox above.

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Aliyos and Pledges


We are happy to receive contributions in recognition of an aliya given to you on Shabbos or any other pledge that has been made.

Shekel contributions

Contributions in Shekels

Contributions in Shekels can be made:

  •  by check (made payable to Mosdot Ner Avraham), or

  • by bank transfer (Mosdot Ner Avraham, Bank Hadoar, Branch: 001, Account: 8545664)

​Israeli tax deductible receipts (seif 46) can be issued for contributions made in Shekels if payment is made by check or by wire transfer.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept payments by Israeli credit card.    

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