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Ner Avraham Kehilla


In 2019, Rabbi Binyomin Wolff joined forces as Rov of

the Ner Avraham Kehilla. Under his tremendous

leadership, the shul has expanded exponentially and

offers the following:

•    Weekday minyanim
•    A full Shabbos schedule including all tefillos,

      a weekly Kiddush and Shalos Seudas for both men

      and women following Mincha.
•    Shiurim 
•    Tiyulim 
•    Guest speakers
•    Ladies’ events and shiurim
•    Annual Shabbaton.

•    Melave Malka

Our shul is a place where everyone feels welcome

and its focus is on davening, learning and growing

together in a warm and caring Kehilla. 

​Through constant nurturing and commitment on behalf of both Rabbi Silberstein and Rabbi Wolff, the Kollel has grown tremendously over the last 9 years. The shul welcomes new faces every Shabbos and looks forward to expanding to accommodate the growing number of people that pass through Ner Avraham’s doors every week.

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Rabbi Moshe


Rabbi Moshe Silberstein is the founder and director of Ner Avraham, teaching classes in our daily learning program, serving as Rosh Kollel, and overseeing all of its activities.

Rabbi Silberstein, author of numerous Hebrew and English sefarim on a range of topics, learned for close to two decades in the Mirrer Yeshiva and was a close talmid of the Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Nosson Zvi Finkel זצ"ל. His legendary warmth and caring about each and every person permeates everything that Ner Avraham does.

Rabbi Binyamin Wolff

Rabbi Binyamin Wolff serves as the Rav of our thriving Kehilla. A student of the Mirrer Yeshiva with semicha from Yeshiva University, Rabbi Wolff teaches at both Yeshiva Darche Noam/Shapells and Aish HaTorah.

At Ner Avraham, aside from his daily daf yomi shiur he gives weekly drashos and shiurim and is always available for halachic questions and guidance, and is beloved as a good friend to everyone. He can be contacted on 
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